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stage chain hoist 2 ton LIfting Tools for Stage performance lifting stage truss roof system

Embark on a journey of unparalleled material handling proficiency with our advanced product, poised to redefine benchmarks in safety, dependability, and resilience across industries. Elevating safety protocols, our innovative design integrates a dual pawl and an automatic fail-safe brake mechanism, fortifying your lifting operations with an extra layer of assurance. This cutting-edge braking system not only ensures unwavering performance but also underscores our unwavering commitment to the highest safety benchmarks.


    Model Capacity
    Running Test Load(kg) Lifting Height
    Chain Fall NO. Load Chain Dia.
    V-HB 0.5 500 750 ≥6 1 5 8.4
    V-HB 1.0 1000 1500 ≥6 1 6.3 12
    V-HB 1.5 1500 2250 ≥6 1 7.1 16.2
    V-HB 2.0 2000 3000 ≥6 1 8 20
    V-HB 3.0 3000 4500 ≥6 1 7.1 24
    V-HB 5.0 5000 7500 ≥6 1 9 41

    Industry-specific attributes

    Place of Origin: Hebei, China
    Model Number: V-HD
    Warranty: 1 Year
    Product Name: Hand Chain Block
    Load chain: G80
    Loading capacity: 1000kg-2000kg
    Lifting height: ≥6m
    Color: Black
    Chain painting: Galvanzied or Black coating
    Packaging: Woodcase, Flight case
    Cartification TUV

    product description

    Manifesting endurance in every detail, our product incorporates robust friction discs, meticulously engineered to endure the rigors of heavy-duty material handling. Fashioned for longevity, these discs fortify the overall robustness of the product, ensuring a fluid and efficient lifting experience amidst the diverse challenges of modern industrial landscapes.

    Pioneering precision and efficiency, our product features an exclusively crafted chain guide wheel. This meticulous addition optimizes chain movement, orchestrating a seamless and controlled lifting experience. The precision embedded in the design of the chain guide wheel distinguishes our product, offering an operational excellence tailored to the diverse demands of contemporary industries.

    The bedrock of our design philosophy is strength, epitomized by heat-treated plates, gears, and long and short shafts boasting superior resilience. This thermal enhancement empowers our product to confront hefty loads and endure harsh operational conditions, underscoring its longevity and reliability.

    An unwavering dedication to durability extends to hooks and chains, subjected to the meticulous processes of quenching and tempering. The outcome is a set of hooks and chains that not only meet stringent industry criteria but also promise tenacity and endurance in the most exacting environments.

    Prioritizing safety, our forged up and down hooks integrate a safety latch, providing an additional stratum of security during lifting operations. This design ensures the secure attachment of loads, mitigating risks and elevating overall operational safety.

    Harmony between aesthetics and functionality is achieved through a pristine surface treated with powder paint, introducing a shield against corrosion. This enhancement not only amplifies the visual allure of the product but also fortifies its durability, preserving its immaculate appearance even through prolonged usage.

    Further accentuating our commitment to quality and longevity, the chain surface undergoes a galvanized treatment. This corrosion-resistant layer not only shields against environmental elements but also augments the overall durability and reliability of the product.

    product conclusion

    In summation, our product stands as an emblem of innovation, safety, and longevity in the realm of material handling. With features tailored to accentuate reliability, strength, and aesthetics, it redefines the benchmarks of the industry. Propel your material handling capabilities to new heights with our avant-garde solution, setting a precedent for safety, reliability, and performance. Invest in a future where excellence is not just an aspiration but a standard.