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Customized Heavy Duty limit device D8 hoist with controller lifting truss motor for theatre show

IVITAL Import and Export Baoding Co., Ltd. is pleased to present our exceptional product designed to meet your lifting needs – a cutting-edge hoist boasting advanced features for unparalleled performance and safety.


    Model Capacity
    Lifting Height
    Chain Fall NO. Lifting Speed
    Load Chain Dia.
    V-E9-0.5 500 220-440 ≥10 1 6.8 1.1 6.3
    V-E9-1.0 1000 220-440 ≥10 1 7/5 1.5 7.1
    V-E9-2.0 2000 220-440 ≥10 1 6 3 10
    V-E9-3.0 3000 220-440 ≥10 1 4 3 11.2

    Industry-specific attributes

    Applicable Industries: Hotels, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Advertising Company, Lifting truss system
    Place of Origin: Hebei, China
    Brand Name: Ivital
    Condition: New
    Protection Grade: IP55
    Usage: Construction Hoist
    Power Source: Electric
    Sling Type: Chain
    Voltage: 220V-440V
    Frequence: 50HZ/60HZ
    Noise: ≤60DB
    Loading capacity: 500kg,1000kg, 2000kg
    Chain Length: ≥10m
    Brake: Single, Double
    Shell Material: Steel/Aluminum Alloy
    Warranty: 1 Year
    Packaging: Woodcase

    product description

    At the heart of this innovative solution is the 360° swivel hook, meticulously crafted from alloy steel through forging techniques. This not only ensures the utmost strength and durability but also provides versatility in load attachment with its swiveling capability. To reinforce safety, an anti-detaching device is seamlessly integrated, preventing accidental detachment of the load during operation.

    The control circuit of our hoist operates on a 36V low voltage system, enhancing safety measures in various working environments. A reverse phase protection device further adds to the safety features – in case of incorrect power line connections, the control circuit remains inactive, preventing any unintended operations.

    The outer shell of the hoist is extruded from high-quality aluminum, not only ensuring robustness but also earning it an impressive IP55 protection grade. This signifies superior resistance to dust and water ingress while facilitating efficient heat dissipation, ensuring optimal performance even in demanding conditions.

    Safety is paramount in our design, exemplified by the independent electromagnetic brake. This sophisticated mechanism instantly engages, locking the brake securely when the power source is turned off, providing an additional layer of security during operations.

    To accommodate variable loading conditions, our hoist features a built-in clutch for electric motor idle rotation when it exceeds the rated payload capacity. This intelligent design protects the hoist body and chains from damage caused by overload, ensuring longevity and reliability.

    For a quiet and smooth operation, the hoist is fully oil-lubricated. This not only minimizes friction but also contributes to a noise-free working environment, a crucial feature in settings where noise reduction is a priority.

    product conclusion

    In summary, our advanced hoist is a testament to IVITAL's dedication to quality, innovation, and safety. With features like the swivel hook, low voltage control circuit, reverse phase protection, extruded aluminum shell, electromagnetic brake, clutch mechanism, and oil-lubricated operation, this product is poised to elevate your lifting experience. Trust IVITAL for superior lifting solutions that redefine industry standards.